Originated in Africa…..

Proceeds from the sale of official #Itsmesteve merchandise will be shared in our local community to help those less fortunate and to help alleviate the devastation of Covid during, and after the Pandemic.

The shirt originated from Edenvale, South Africa…. affectionately know by its residents as “The VALE”.

In the picture, Steve is wearing a homemade t-shirt and his Johnston Tartan face mask… all in an attempt to maintain his identity and to stay social, from a distance

It’s all a reverse Mexican double cross. . . .

The shirt is a light hearted fight back against the virus and its ability to steal our #1 social asset…. our smiles.

The Shirt was born out of necessity arising from Covid-19 face masks and the Joke was in defiance of it. So in a reverse move, the shirt uses Covid-19 against itself. . . . (using Covid, to raise funds to fight Covid)

Stay Safe, Stay back…. but Stay Social and don’t Stop Smiling, even behind your mask.

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